Paysenger- HOW TO EARN.

You just signed up on EGO_Paysenger, and you are curious about how you can earn on this platform. This is an article specially written to satisfy your curiosity.

There are lot of medium of communications or social media that makes users pay for services and still did not meet of to users expectations. I am glad to tell you that Paysenger is different and unique from these. Paysenger in this case would let its users earn instead and have made available various way users can earn.


  1. Content Creation: As a content creator, you can collaborate with people who generates ideas and mould this ideas into contents which would eventually be turned into for targeted audience, and you would get commission for doing this.
  2. Top-performing content: Make sure to create contents that would capture the general public’s interest, as this would make you eligible for prizes, Both the content owner (NFT holder) and the original creator are eligible for rewards.
  3. Contests and special event rewards: Various Contest would be organised for content creators, make sure to participate. This is usually conducted to incentivize content creators, you would earn monetary rewards for participating. Paysenger will organise multiple contests based on content popularity, different themes and partnerships.
  4. Social interaction and participation: Make sure to actively use the action buttons(Like, Comment, Follow etc), to be a part of the co-creator economy and earn rewards.
  5. NFT selling and Royalties: Each time an NFT is sold, Creators are rewarded fairly for their digital work. These creator earnings are paid every time an NFT moves from wallet to wallet as a commission for the sale.

Note: Earning on paysenger is not limited to only content creators, as a doctor, expert engineer etc. you could also earn from owning an account on paysenger by monetising your communication and rendering your services.

Sign Up on paysenger to start earning today!!!

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